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[/insert_php] Xermade belongs to the Comarca da Terra Chá. It is located to the northwest of the province of Lugo and borders the Coruña City Councils of As Pontes de García Rodríguez and Monfero and with the Lucenses de Guitiriz, Vilalba and Muras.
Its main attraction is nature, landscapes, its ethnographic and architectural heritage … they are ideal places to practice leisure and adventure tourism through the hiking routes designed by natural spaces included in the Terras do Miño Biosphere Reserve, full of of medieval legends and stories.
On its shield we can see a gold band that reminds of the one available in the arms of the Andrade. A silver staff that alludes to the jurisdiction of the convents of Meira and Monfero, shared. Two gold bazantes alluding to archaeological evidence, in particular those referring to military culture. All about a field of sinople (green), which represents the importance of vegetation for the life of this town hall.

BURGÁS : Patronal feast (Santa. Eulalia – June).
CANDAMIL : Patronal festival (San Miguel – September).
MIRAZ : Patronal feast (San Pedro – June).
XERMADE : Patronal feast (Our Lady of the Assumption – August).
      Encounter of madeira torneiros in Galicia (September or October, for 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday)
CAZÁS : Patronal feast (San Julián – January).
      Feast of the Divina Pastora (October).
      Feast of Our Lady of Carme (July).
MOMÁN : Patronal festival (San Bartolomé – August).
      Feast of San Antonio (June).
PIÑEIRO : Patronal feast (Our Lady of the Rosary – August).
CABREIROS : Patronal feast (Santa Marina – July).
ROUPAR : Patronal feast (San Pedro Fiz – August).
      Mushroom Festival (penultimate weekend of October)
      Festival of the “Ball of Liscos” – August.
      Callos Festival – May.
      Fiesta do San Esteban – May.
      Fiesta do Campo – September.
LOUSADA : Easter Festival (April)
      Feast of San Andrés and San Juan (June)